Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Our computer is in the process of crashing. Therefore, we cannot access the internet at home. Sorry for the lack of posting. Hopefully I will get my Christmas wish (a new computer) and we'll be up and running after the holidays! 

p.s. the baby in my womb seems to be growing at a rapid pace as evidenced by the extreme tightening of all of my clothes. This is good news. I went to the doctor yesterday and am 12 weeks and due on June 1, 2009! The heartbeat was strong and made us proud. (and tear up just a little)  Just thought I would give you a little update.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The First Year of Trick-or-Treating...for all 3 of us!

Matthew grew up always being at Fall Festivals at the church where his parents worked. My family never celebrated Halloween. Therefore, none of us had EVER been trick-or-treating...until last night! I did manage to get Grey a $6 costume the day before Halloween. In my mind it was totally worth it. I wouldn't have necessarily chosen for my 18 month old to be dressed as a pirate but he did look cute. Matthew was totally excited about it. The costume was complete with a hat (worn for a few minutes), boots (that slipped over his shoes), a sword, and the actual suit. (which he barely fit into) We went over to our friend's, Greg, Ashley and Brooke (Grey's best bud) and had dinner and went to a few houses to trick-or-treat. Grey slowly got the hang of it after face planting twice on the concrete which completed his rough pirate look. He was scraped all down the left side of his face but it didn't stop him. He loved holding his Elmo bucket (thanks to Marie from last Halloween) and got a hold of a sucker halfway through the process and wouldn't let go of that. We had lots of fun!


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