Friday, June 20, 2008

like a weed

I have realized that I find pure joy in teaching Grey the simplest things that my mom taught me almost 25 years ago! I LOVE watching him develop and learn. He is learning and picking up everything so quickly (hence the growing "like a weed). He copies EVERYTHING I do! Sometimes I realize how incredibly childish I am. We have been working on learning body parts in the more recent days. Below you will find a picture of him showing off his belly button.

One of his favorite things to do is to "work in the yard." We have been doing a lot of planting lately and every morning we go out to water the plants. Every morning we we go out to water and he makes his way to the couch because he knows when he sits up there I will put his shoes and we can head outside. He has his own Grey sized watering can and rake but of course that doesn't cut it. He has to have mommy and daddy sized tools. He drags the big metal rake behind him and tries to step on the shovel just like Matthew. It is seriously brings me so much joy to watch him. He walks around the whole yard holding onto the top of the nozzle when I water. He thinks he is big stuff. Then we proceed to smell every flower and leaf in the yard. He's a funny kid.

Besides teaching him colors, animal sounds, numbers, letters, songs, etc. I probably share the gospel with him at least twice a day. It's funny, the more I understand and learn about my salvation I HAVE to make sure that I tell him. I know that he will be too young for a while to understand it but at least it's getting in his head early. The Lord only knows if and when it will transfer to his heart. I am so thankful He is choosing to reveal Himself to Matthew and I so that we can pass it down to generations to come. This is all Grey truly needs to know. This is all that matters. The same God that saved me created this sweet child and wants to save him too!

In one of his finest moments. He's showing you his muscles. (He really just stiffins his entire body and smiles really big).

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Out of Commision

Just want to let anyone who could possibly be reading this that we have moved into our new house and we love it! Unfortunately, we do not have internet. Just as I have made a vow to keep up with a blog FOR REAL, it's not going to work out for now. I WILL be back! The Fort Mill Cavins do have majorly exciting lives that we want to share.


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